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Star Formation

A Falling Star

Father Edmund

14 January 2024

Those who attended the 6pm Vigil Mass for Christmas on Christmas Eve might remember me pointing out the the helium balloon in the shape of a star that the little boy who came to Mass had let go off. Far from it becoming, as I had suggested (jokingly) that it might become a permanent fixture of the Church, just before the Epiphany, the balloon star fell from the heavens, and I managed to capture a picture of it before it fully deflated! Thank you to the little boy and his Mum who helped create such a lovely Christmas moment and to remind us all that it is always a child that completes the Crib. Meanwhile, my thanks to the small team who helped me deconstruct the decorations and remove the two huge 14 foot trees from the Sanctuary - and the clean up following. We might be finding pine needles until next Christmas! Thank you for all the kind comments and appreciation of how the Church looked this Christmas, again, I wanted it to be extra special with this being the first Christmas we came together as one parish community with all the Christmas Masses at Our Lady Star of the Sea. Finally, it is striking how ‘bare’ the Sanctuary now looks by comparison with how it looked over Christmas! 

Screenshot 2024-01-13 094445.png
Screenshot 2024-01-13 094526.png
Screenshot 2024-01-13 094611.png
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