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Advance Notice: Series of Talks on Our Lady 2024

Father Edmund

19 November 2023

Once the Gospel of John concludes, expected on Shrove Tuesday, 13 February 2024, God willing I will start then a new series on our Lady, taking the four Marian dogmas as our guide. These four dogmas are: Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception: How and why was our Lady preserved from Original Sin? Our Lady is truly the Mother of God: How can our Lady be Mother to God? Our Lady remained a Virgin: Don’t other Christians say the Lord had brothers and sisters? Our Lady was Assumed, body and soul, into Heaven: What does the Assumption point to? We will also have a fifth talk on the role of our Lady in Redemption as a Co-Worker with her Son, when she stood at the foot of the Cross, and explore whether this might be defined as a fifth Marian dogma in time to come. I anticipate these talks will take place at St Saviour on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm. I hope that they will be of interest!

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