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Sunset Dinner

Friday Luncheon Club

Father Edmund 

18 June 2023

Last Friday afternoon, I was given the news that the Luncheon Club had made the decision to wind up and held its final lunch Friday 9 June. I have been told that the Luncheon Club has been going for over thirty years and I am sure there have been many happy occasions and celebrations in those three or four decades. As parish priest, I am always grateful for our volunteers and those who serve in any way, so this is an important opportunity to thank those who have served this initiative over the years or more recently. Whilst the Friday Luncheon Club have decided to bring that long-standing Parish and community time to an end, I would invite both volunteers who served, and parishioners who attended, to consider coming to the Saturday Hot Meal Provision, served 12.30pm-2.30pm. This new provision may be able to ‘take up the baton’ and build on the thirty years’ success of the Friday Luncheon Club.

A ‘Thank You’ to past and present members of the Luncheon Club for all they have done to build community and friendship in the parish, and particular thanks for the donation from the Luncheon Club of £1,000 that was put towards the installation of the live-streaming of Mass from Our Lady Star of the Sea: a spiritual lifeline for many of our sick and housebound parishioners who can pray with us online and feel connected to the parish and the Mass.

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