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Apples in a Crate

Father Edmund 

18 June 2023

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Hot Meal: Crumble Added!

Father Edmund 

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23rd July 2023

New Hot Pudding!

Does the addition of a new hot pudding merit a headline in the Parish Newsletter? I think so! Apple crumble now available - free of charge - as part of a menu that our chef, Roy Buckley has put together. If you have a sweet tooth, and fancy treating yourself to a delicious dessert, consider coming along on Saturdays between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. All are welcome! Why not invite a friend and see if you like it!

School Holidays

You may or may not be aware that the long school holidays represent a real difficulty for many of our families. We have 2,083 children at our parish schools and during term time many of these children are on ‘free school meals’, meaning that their household income is so low or so stretched that the school ensures they have a nutritious, balanced - and free - meal in school hours. Then comes the long summer holiday and that safety net is not there as it might be when school is open. Please may I encourage parishioners to share the social projects and the details of these with any families you know, especially those you might know are experiencing hardship. The Saturday Companions’ Cafe is free for everyone - and might give some families a chance to enjoy a meal out over the summer holidays. The hot meal service continues as normal. Moreover, the St Saviour Branch of The Bread and Butter Thing is still going strong, and this might be another help to families during the summer holidays. Remember, anyone can access the weekly shop via The Bread and Butter Thing and so get incredibly reduced items to feed a family. All you need do is follow
these steps:

This past week we had reason to ask for the support of our safeguarding co-ordinator in managing conflict and ensuring that proper boundaries are respected. This is an important moment to remind everyone that both Bernie LeTissier and Michelle Mulville, our safeguarding co-ordinators for Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Bernard and St Saviour and St Mary of the Angels respectively, are able to be approached directly, without any need to contact me or the Parish Office. This ensures
transparency and so that the processes are independent of the clergy, too. You can find their contact details on the back page.



Step 1: Text 07860 063304 with your full name, address, postcode and the name of the hub you will be collecting from: St Saviour Church

Step 2: Select the size of order you want to receive: Family, £8.50. We also offer individual, £5 or Large Family, £17.00. There is a Vegetarian option too.

Step 3: We’ll send you a text every Saturday to see if you want an order. Just reply 'YES' by 10am the next day. We'll deliver your order to the St Saviour Church Hub on Monday at 2pm.

Step 4: Collect and pay for your goods from St Saviour Church Hub .

Sign up before 25th August and get your first order free.

Refugee Assist has asked that I give some time to talk through some possible fundraising opportunities with them, especially ahead of the Autumn and the much-anticipated arrival of many more of our brothers and sisters in acute need, invariably fleeing war, hunger, or political oppression. I will keep you updated. One suggestion was that we have a music event and the proceeds could be used to support those awaiting asylum or immigration tribunal applications or assessments. If you have any ideas for fundraising, please speak to me!



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