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Father Edmund 

04 June 2023

Companions of the Order of Malta
I am delighted to share with the parish that Sir Charles Nicholson and Mrs Kate McKenzie of the Companions of the Order of Malta will be coming to Ellesmere Port to visit the parish and to give a presentation on the work of the Companions.

As you will know, I have been a chaplain of the Order of Malta for five years now, and the Companions have been major investors in our fledgling projects, most notably the Hot Food Provision, where the Companions donated all the items we needed to get this project up and running.

On Wednesday 14 June at 6.30pm Charles and Kate will speak to us in Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish Centre. I’ve asked them to give us an overview of the Companions’ work in other areas of the United Kingdom and to share their advice and some ‘dos and don’ts’ of their experience running cafes such as our own.

Moreover, my invitation is that parishioners who volunteer for the Saturday Hot Meal Provision would consider joining the Companions and this becoming a Companions’ Cafe. I would encourage you to check out the incredible work of the Companions here at their website:

The Bread and Butter Thing
The social supermarket, based at St Saviour, is going from strength to strength! Last Monday, people were queuing out the door to collect their weekly shopping! My thanks to the volunteers and to Christine who is organising the rota. Please consider signing up: anyone can receive a week’s shopping for a heavily reduced cost of around £8 for a small family or £17.50 for a larger family.

Hot Meal Provision
I am incredibly grateful to Roy Buckley, a local chef and businessman, who has put the Hot Meal Provision on a very sound footing with his advice, expertise, and skill. Roy has put a menu together with hot meals and puddings - and even a kids’ menu! - and this is provided completely free of charge. Saturdays at Our Lady Star of the Sea, meal service 12.30pm-2.30pm.

St Saviour Church
I am grateful to the people who attend Mass at St Saviour for the welcome and hospitality shown to new groups using our church.

Thanksgiving to God and our Volunteers

During the Forty Hours Devotion last weekend, much of my own prayer was in thanksgiving to God for allowing us to be of support to our local community and those most in need through our social projects. Coupled with this was a prayer of thanksgiving for all our volunteers - and for Ann O’Connor our parish secretary. Since last Summer, Ann has been administering two parishes single-handedly in a period of flux and change, whilst supporting me setting up these new projects, too. It has been a lot of work: double her office duties and then three significant projects. Thank you, Ann. And thank you to the growing team of volunteers. If you are not yet involved, please consider being involved: by prayer, by participation, or by considering donating some funds to support the work of the parish.

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