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Refugee Assist: Our Fourth Social Project! 

Father Edmund

26 May 2024

I have had a number of significant meetings with the leaders of an organisation called Refugee Assist. You might remember me inviting them to use space at St Saviour Church when they were no longer able to use previous facilities in Neston. They have been so grateful for this base and have been able to help hundreds of refugees and those seeking asylum, pending the adjudication of their claim. Whilst displaced persons are given accommodation, they are invariably unable to work, living in multiple occupancy properties, subsist on £40 a week, and can feel a deep sense of isolation, compounded by the difficulties of English as a second (or third) language.


Refugee Assist approached me to see if there was anything further the parish could do for them as they grow and their operation becomes more substantial and needing greater space to store and distribute. I am in consultation with the Diocese to hopefully offer Refugee Assist some additional space in the former Social Club at St Saviour as a larger storage facility, enabling their important work to continue and expand. The next steps will need to be, subject to approval from the Diocese, making good the space for Refugee Assist and to recruit parish volunteers to add to their own group so that the sorting, allocating, and distribution of donations is efficient and can respond quickly to a request or a need that arises. If anyone is willing to consider volunteering as we launch our fourth social project, please speak to me or contact the Parish Office: 0151 355 5877. This new project will be a significant one and be another concrete expression of our Catholic faith in action: we cannot forget that the Holy Family were themselves refugees in Egypt. Thank you in anticipation of your help and support. Please consider being involved. 

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