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Stations of the Cross: A Project

Father Edmund

21 January 2024

As I mentioned last weekend, the second hand Stations of the Cross are being renovated. They were in a very poor condition but the figures showing the scenes the Way of The Cross intact, thank God. They are very beautiful and detailed. Having cleaned them, many of the top Crosses needed serious repairs: they
either came away or crumbled on inspection. It was a delicate job that required patience - and a lot of glue and plaster! The whole set evoke the architectural features of Our Lady Star of the Sea - the surrounds of the Stations the baldacchino and the top Crosses the Cross surmounting the West (Rose) Window.

The Stations having been cleaned, stripped, primed, and sealed to protect the plaster, were then coated with a white acrylic, using a gold acrylic to pick out the backgrounds and the details of the halos of Our Lord, our Lady, and St John. Also picked out in gold are the lettering INRI, SPQR, the Nails, and the Five Wounds of Our Lord. The gold immediately brings out the delicate background detail of the flora and fauna, the cityscapes, the mountains, and the dirt road that formed the Way to Calvary. More to come. I will be repainting the two side aisle ceilings and replacing the strip lights with a spotlight for each Station.

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