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St Saviour Update: Continued

Father Edmund

11 Febuary 2024

I have made the decision that, given the spiralling costs re: heating at St Saviour and no resolution or permanent fix on the immediate horizon, and having spent almost £10,000 since July 2023 on potential solutions, from next weekend, the First Sunday of Lent, the Vigil Mass will be held at Our Lady Star of the Sea. Not only does this ensure that Mass is relatively comfortable for those attending with the cold weather, but also allows a financial respite for St Saviour and St Mary of the Angels, with Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Bernard accommodating that Vigil Mass and providing the heating and bearing the costs. It demonstrates another way of our community working together as one parish: the heating is not adequate in one Church, we can use another, without any headaches, hassle, or too much disruption.


Let’s see how we go: I know this isn’t ideal, but we cannot keep spending money in such significant sums when the prudent alternative is so cost-effective in relocating the Mass. I will keep the situation under review. 

The decision to relocate the Vigil Mass from St Saviour now made, my invitation would be that the routine of St Saviour Vigil: Confessions 4pm-4.55pm, Martin playing at the Mass, and cakes and refreshments following, would continue. The same with those who are Readers and those who have faithfully Stewarded and Welcomed people as they arrive for Mass. Please continue in the same way, if you feel able, just now at Our Lady Star of the Sea and the Centre next door. Remember, working as one parish, you are not visitors at Our Lady Star of the Sea, but it is rather another Church of our one community.


Moreover, the weekday activities of St Saviour continue as normal: Monday, the Social Supermarket, Tuesday the Ladies Group Tea and Coffee, on Tuesdays also, the talks on our Lady (from 20 February), the Wednesday Novena, Thursday and Friday our partners the Refugee Agency sort and distribute donations from St Saviour to asylum seekers and refugees across Ellesmere Port and into the whole length of the Wirral. And there is a Mass this coming week, on Ash Wednesday. Thank you for your patience, your support, and your willingness to adapt to prudential changes for the good of the whole community of our parish. 

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