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The Combined Children’s Choir 

Father Edmund

04 February 2024

Thank you to the staff and pupils of our four Catholic Primary Schools who, this past Sunday, combined to make a unified Children’s Choir to sing at the 11am Sunday Mass. It was wonderful to hear the children singing and my thanks to those who helped prepare the children: Francis, Judith, Mrs Millard, Mr Arathoon, and all the staff at Our Lady Star of the Sea, St Bernard, St Saviour, and St Mary of the Angels. Thanks, too for the Headteachers coming along to support the children.


The Choir sang a beautiful hymn at the Offertory, that I had not heard before. It was a hymn to our Lady, with the well known chorus of the Hail, Mary in Latin. I share the words here and you may like to make these words your own, in prayer:


As we come before You now,

Mary, hear us as we call;

take our prayers to Christ the Lord,

O Mother of us all.


Ave Maria, gratia plena,

Dominus tecum, benedicta tu.


You who heard the angel's voice,

you who hastened to obey,

show us how to serve the Lord

and walk in heaven's way.


You who cared for God's own Son,

you who played the mother's part:

show us how to welcome Christ a

nd hold Him in our heart.


You, whose heart was pierced with grief,

you who saw your Son in pain,

teach us not to flinch from fight

but strive the prize to gain.


You who saw Christ ris'n again,

you who felt the Spirit's flame:

teach us how to raise our voice

and praise God's holy name.


You whom God raised up on high,

first to taste Redemption's joy,

be for us a sign of hope

that fear cannot destroy.


Pray with us poor sinners now

help us follow your dear Son:

so that when our hour has come

we find the battle won.


Thank you, children for helping us praise and worship God worthily and with joy. Thank you for teaching us a new song in honour of our Lady and for using the gifts and talents that God has given you to give back to Him through your singing in the Choir. I will be hoping to arrange the next date for the Choir very soon. 

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