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The Epiphany of the Lord 

Father Edmund

07 January 2024

The Epiphany is the day on which the Magi or Wise Men, having followed a Star, found the Child Jesus together with Mary, His Mother, and worshipped Him. This episode is recorded only in the Gospel according to St Matthew and signifies that the birth of Jesus extends God’s Promise of Salvation from the Jewish people to all the Nations, even the pagan kings come from the East to worship Him. The following of the Star is mysterious in that it was a new Star in the Heavens that led the Wise Men to find the Child Jesus. When the Wise Men follow the Star, they pause in Jerusalem and ask King Herod, ‘Where is He Who is born King of the Jews? We saw His Star as it rose in the East and have come to do Him homage.’ I wrote this passage from Matthew’s Gospel above the door to the Sacristy last May at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church. I wanted to show the connexion between the Star, the title King of the Jews, and Adoration or worship in the Church. The Star above this text leads us to King of the Jews written above the Lord on the Crucifix and to the Altar which, with the Tabernacle, is the focus and centre of our prayer and worship - and where the Lord is truly Present, as He was when the Wise Men fell to their knees in adoration. 

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