Diaconate Ordination Weekend

Father Edmund

30 Apr 2022

Saturday 16 July at 12noon, Tony will be ordained to the Diaconate at Shrewsbury

Saturday 16 July at 12noon, Tony will be ordained to the Diaconate at Shrewsbury Cathedral. Transport will be available, free of charge, to take as many parishioners who would like to go down. Numbers of those who would like to go would be appreciated as soon as possible. Please sign up today if possible! If you wish to come to the Cathedral for Tony’s Diaconate Ordination, please enter your details on the lists available in each church this weekend or contact the Parish Office on 0151 355 5877 or contact Sandra on 07854 629846. We are hoping to take all the Altar Servers we can, too along with the Youth Group.

Sunday 17th July at 11am, I will offer a Mass in the field of St Mary of the Angels, Hooton and would like to invite everyone from all three churches of the parish to make this their Mass for that Sunday, and for this Sunday only, I would consider simply having this one 11am Mass, to encourage all to go. The vigil Masses we could keep as normal. I think this would be a wonderful way to show our support to Tony, and to demonstrate how we’ve grown these past months as one community, even as Tony takes up his duties and responsibilities working with me in bringing Ellesmere Port and Hooton together. It would be wonderful to come together for a celebration Mass for Tony and Sandra, followed by a catered parish lunch with a buffet and drinks for everyone. It will also help us to celebrate Father Humphrey’s first anniversary of priestly ordination, which is the 16 July!

Please keep Tony and Sandra – and all those preparing for Ordination – in your prayers.