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Prayers for Deacon Tony and Sandra Nuttall 

I ask your prayers for Deacon Tony and for Sandra, his wife, and for their family.


This past weekend, Deacon Tony suffered what was later confirmed as a stroke. Deacon Tony was admitted to the Stroke Unit in Bangor Hospital and received treatment. He is now back home, thank God. I was able to visit Deacon Tony and Sandra after he was discharged from Hospital, and give Deacon Tony the Sacrament of the Sick and Hol y Communion. Deacon Tony has asked for prayers.


Let’s be sure to pray for the Nuttalls at this time as Deacon Tony begins his recovery. 

Latest Parish News


Please pray for all those Receiving the Sacraments this Easter

Please say a special prayer for Sue: she will also be married in April and so will be received into Full Communion, be Confirmed, receive her first Holy Communion and be married all in 3 weeks! 

Church Choir Singers and Music Sheets

SMA Painting Restored, Reframed, and Installed 

I am delighted to share the news that the restored painting of our copy of Guido Reni’s The Annunciation is now displayed at St Mary of the Angels, Hooton. 

Lights for Stations of the Cross 

I am hugely grateful to Tony Forshaw who, through a great deal of work, effort, skill, and care, has ensured that the newly-installed Stations of the Cross are lit up individually and in a beautiful way - each of the 14 Stations having it’s own spotlight. The effect is most noticeable in the evening time and really makes the Stations shine. Thank you, Tony! 


A New Initiative for Holy Week 2024

I am always grateful to Martin and to Francis for their generosity, week in, week out, providing themusic for the celebration of our three Masses.

Sheet Music

Marian Lamp: A New Opportunity For Prayer

Following the celebration of the feast of Candlemas, also known as the Presentation of the Lord, when I spoke about the Sanctuary Lamp burning for us as the one candle in Church that always burns to assure us of God’s Presence with us


Stonework of Concern at Hooton

I was grateful for the vigilance of a parishioner last week at St Mary of the Angels, Hooton for noticing the serious degradation and corrosion of some of the masonry in the Stanley Chapel which houses the grave of the Stanleys 

Painting the Paschal Candle ahead of the Vigil

For the inscription on the blue spiral I decided to paint, in gold lettering, a traditional greeting at Easter in Greek and Latin: Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen! CHRISTVS RESVRREXIT! RESVRREXIT VERE, XPIΣTOΣ ANEΣTH AΛEΘŌΣ ANEΣTH.


Restoration: Painting

Parishioners may recall that the copy of Guido Reni’s The Annunciation found badly damaged and in need of repair, cleaning, and conservation, was sent away to be restored. Here are some photos that show how the painting was found in St Mary of the Angels Presbytery, with particular details on a large tear - and (right) the contrast when cleaning began! 

Paint Brushes
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