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A Sacrament is a special ‘Act’ or ‘Ceremony’ of the Church that marks important moments in people’s relationship with God. In our Parish people participate in the Sacraments in the following ways:-



Baptism is when someone begins their journey as a member of God’s Family (the Church) water is poured over the person’s head three times in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and they anointed with oil as a sign of sharing in the role of a Christian.

For baptism within the Parish, initial contact should be made with the office on 0151 355 5877 or email Or book via the website

Parents /guardians are invited to a series of three meetings before their child / children are baptised. These meetings are very friendly and allow the parents / guardians to understand what it is they are asking of the church for their children, how they can provide for their children’s faith journey and ask any questions they may have.

After attending the meetings the children can be baptised in Our Lady Star of the Sea, or St Saviour’s Church.



Forgiveness (Confession): This is when someone goes to the Priest, and confesses their sins so as to be freed to live the life of the Gospel, and to share fully, and have made personal and present to them, the always available gift of God’s Forgiveness.

Holy Communion (The Eucharist): This is when someone receives the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in the forms of bread and wine. In this way a Christian person shares completely in the gift of Jesus, they share his life death and resurrection, and make those blessing real in their lives.

For children attending our catholic schools preparation for First Forgiveness & First Holy Communion will take place during school time. Parish catechist’s work closely with the schools in the preparation of the children and parents are invited to attend meetings so they can refresh their understanding of the sacraments and so support their children at this very important time.

Catholic children who do not attend our catholic schools but wish to make their First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion should contact 0151 355 5877 or email They will be offered preparation lessons by parish catechists and upon completion will be offered the sacraments of First Forgiveness & First Holy Communion.



Confirmatiion is when someone becomes a full member of God’s Church, when the priest or bishop lays hands on them and anoints them with the oil of ‘Chrism’ so that they will be aware of the gift of the Holy Spirit working in and through them to live the Christian life.

Confirmation is offered to children in Year 9 and above.



Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the normal means where a non catholic adult seeks entrance into the church.

At present we do not have a Group, but there does not need to be a 'Group' and any individual may enquire at any time. If you would like any information please contact 0151 355 5877 or email



This is when a couple, at least one of whom is a Catholic Christian, come together in the presence of a deacon, priest or bishop, and pledge to share their life together in the bond of marriage.


A preparation course is offered to all couples. 



This is when someone is set aside ‘ordained’ as a deacon, priest or bishop to serve in the formal Ministry of the Church.

For information about vocations please contact the Parish Office on 0151 355 5877 or email



This is when someone who is sick, has the priest or bishop lay hands on them and anoint them with the oil of the sick, so as to make their illness over to God, pray for healing, and ask that, whatever the outcome, the time of sickness for that person and all with whom they have relationships, will be a time when they all come to share more fully in the life of God.

Please do let us know if someone is seriously ill and wishes this sacrament. Due to the data protection act hospitals and hospices can only act on the request of the patient. If you are going into hospital please inform the person in charge of the ward that you are a catholic and wish to see the hospital chaplain.

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