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Experiencing Forgiveness and Peace

Father Edmund

One of the most beautiful ways that one can receiving lasting peace of mind and heart is to make a good Confession. Lent is a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

As a priest, I have the experience of both hearing Confessions and going to Confession ourselves - and know how difficult it can be, and how easy it is to talk ourselves out of going. It can take real courage to resolve to go to Confession, especially if it has been some time: we can be worried about what the priest will think of us, what he might say, whether he might be angry with us or whether we might forget what it is we want to ask God’s forgiveness for. All of us can feel like this. But I can share with you that I always feel
so much better having gone and as a priest hearing Confessions I am always moved by the courage, sincerity, humility, and faith of those who come - especially those for whom it has been many, many years. Confessions are heard every Saturday at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church between 11am and 12noon. Some
suggestions to make it easier, if it has been some time since your last Confession:

1. Think over your life since your last Confession: what might be weighing on your heart that you want to be unburdened of? Maybe write a little list, if that would be helpful.

2. Arrive at Church ahead of the scheduled time for Confessions. This help you get settled and you can light a candle or say a prayer. This helps especially if you may be feeling a little anxious.

3. Tell the priest if you’ve not been to Confession for some time. He will help you, step by step, and will be understanding.

A good Confession this Lent will give you a deep sense of peace and God’s love for you.

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