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Health and Safety Parish Update 2022

Father Edmund

28 Jan 2022

In January, Julie Tinsley, the diocesan Health and Safety Officer, visited Our Lady Star and Sea and reviewed present practice.

At the same time, I have taken the opportunity to review the 2019 health and safety reports from St Saviour and St Mary of the Angels. My thanks to Brian Callister, Andy Wells, Rob Smith, and Vin Brennan who are the named and designated health and safety representatives for all they do to ensure compliance across the buildings and churches of the parish. Going forward, quarterly (January, April, September, December) all buildings will be reviewed according to the diocesan policy and document: How Safe Is Your Parish. Records will be retained by the parish office.

Helpfully, Julie Tinsley has offered to return in Spring 2022 to follow up on these important initial steps I am taking to implement all the guidance, advice, and critique following the January 2022 review at Our Lady Star of the Sea and the 2019 reviews of St Saviour and St Mary of the Angels. From my review, some points of improvement, development, and co-responsibility I want to share with you, that we must action.

My thanks to all who presently serve the parish community in this area and I’m glad to take this opportunity to collate and consolidate policies and procedures across the whole parish at this time.

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