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Letter from The Prince and Princess of Wales

Father Edmund

19 Feb 2023

I was delighted to receive a letter this past week from Kensington Palace.

I wrote to The Prince and Princess of Wales just before Christmas to share the news of our initiatives with the provision of hot meals and the social supermarket. Since The King created Prince William and Catherine Prince and Princess of Wales, the couple have been keen to identify places where a Royal Visit could help kick-start or encourage schemes that engage with those most in need and to raise the profile of such projects. I have invited The Prince and Princess of Wales to visit our parish when they are next scheduled to make the journey to our area and the Palace will consider us for a visit when the next Royal Visit to our region takes place. I am sure, by Spring, we will have a wonderful range of projects underway to demonstrate to The Prince and Princess of Wales our parish’s care of those most in need.

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