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Parish Website

Father Edmund

15 Jan 2023

Matthew Joyce, who manages our website and the circulation of our Parish Newsletter, does a wonderful job for us and on our behalf. My thanks to him in this voluntary role he took on.

Matthew kindly prepared a summary of the web traffic we have had since the website was renewed and I share with you some interesting statistics and numbers he has discovered.

Since the website was relaunched, it has been accessed 11,431 times. The most popular day to access the website is Saturday and the most frequently visited page is for our Parish Newsletter. The vast majority of those accessing the website, 64%, do so from mobile ‘phones. Whilst Ellesmere Port, Liverpool, and the Wirral are the most popular locations the site is accessed from, there were 663 page views from Shrewsbury. Perhaps this is the bishop keeping an eye on me or parishioners checking what I’m up to 18 months on since leaving Shrewsbury!

The top five countries that people access our website from (outside the United Kingdom and Ireland) are: Portugal, India, the United States, and Spain. Not the Vatican just yet, it seems!

Thank you to Matthew for all these statistics and numbers and for his hard work – done outside of a busy full-time job and as a volunteer – to make sure the website is maintained. We will be meeting soon to update and grow the content and if anyone has any ideas of what would be helpful, please let us know.

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