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Provision of Hot Food, Weekend Foodbank, Social Supermarket

Father Edmund

15 Jan 2023

I am very happy to say that we have thirty-seven parishioners ‘signed-up’ to these important initiatives

This past week, initial training was offered to those interested in joining the social supermarket provision. Our Mayor, Councillor Lisa Denson, was very happy that twenty-two volunteers attended – and half were from our parish! Thank you! This important initiative works via a charity called The Bread and Butter Thing. You can check out their website here:

Regarding hot food provision, I have invited the chair of the Companions of the Order of Malta to come and speak to us about setting up our food provision. This will likely be towards the end of February, beginning of March. All welcome to this talk: even if you are interested simply to know more, no commitment necessary. More information on the work of the Companions of the Order of Malta and how their support is a great foundation to our projects visit:

A weekend foodbank, sorely needed in our community where there is no weekend foodbank provision, is also something we will hope to dovetail with the provision of hot food over the weekend. More to come.

All initiatives have been made possible by the excellent partnership we enjoy with our local Mayor, Councillor Lisa Denson, and our member of Parliament, the Hon. Justin Madders as well as the support of the Order of Malta. Please pray for the success of all these projects – and for those we will serve and care for through them.

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