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Remember Our Retired Priests

Diocese of Shrewsbury

14 Jan 2022

Please give to the Special Collection for the Retired Priests' Fund

What is the Retired Priests’ Fund?
When active ministry ceases, Diocesan priests live independently in retirement. Priests generally retire at 75, often after having given 40-50 years of service to the people of the Diocese – well beyond the retirement age of most lay people. As they live independently, retired priests support themselves and are unable to rely upon the financial support provided by a Parish.

Priests receive a minimal wage during their years in active ministry, and so most only receive the basic state pension upon retirement. As a response to this, the Retired Priests’ Fund seeks to help sick and retired priests with their basic living needs, providing a pension, accommodation etc… Our priests rely on what the Fund provides after devoting their lives to furthering the mission of the Church and bringing people closer to Christ.

Why does the Retired Priests’ Fund need help?
The Retired Priests’ Fund is dependent on donations. As a result of the tremendous support that the people of the Diocese have shown in the annual special collection in previous years, the Fund has managed to help sick and retired priests in need. However, the number of Priests needing support has increased in recent times and is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

How can you help?
Continued support of the Retired Priests’ Fund is essential if we are to meet increased need in the future. Our priests are living longer, healthier lives like many people today. Living longer means that the Retired Priests’ Fund is drawn on for a longer period of time. At present, we have around 90 priests in active ministry and there are 33 sick and retired priests. But in the next 10 years, the number of retired priests will increase significantly, greatly increasing demands on the Fund.

There are 3 ways you can give to the Retired Priests’ Fund:

1. Donate Online
You can donate Online to the Fund. And if you donate Online you will also be able to Gift Aid what you choose to give to the Retired Priests’ Fund. Just go to

2. Donate by Standing Order or Cheque
If you would like to request that a Standing Order is posted to you, please print off and complete the form in the leaflet linked bellow and return it to the address on the form. Alternatively, please send an Email to the Email address on the form. If you would like to make a donation by Cheque, please make this payable to Retired Priests’ Fund and send it to the address shown for the Planned Giving & Gift Aid Service at the end of the leaflet linked bellow.

3. Donate to the Annual Special Collection
Churches throughout the Diocese participate in a special collection held annually in January or February. This usually takes place as a Retiring Collection at which cash donations can be made. If you would like the Fund to be able to claim Gift Aid on your donation, please donate Online, or donate by Standing Order or Cheque and print off and complete the Gift Aid Declaration in the leaflet linked bellow

Message from Bishop Mark

My dear people,
I am always moved by the generous support given to the annual collection for the Retired Priests’ Fund. It is a mark of the deep gratitude felt for the devoted service of so many priests. I am sure that with your continued support, we can commit to build up this Fund to meet the present and future needs of all of our sick and retired priests. I am aware that, following the disruption of the pandemic, there are many calls on your generosity. Today I wish to invite you to show your support in whatever way is possible. I also wish to express my gratitude for your unfailing generosity in helping the priests who have so generously served our Shrewsbury Diocese.

With my blessing
Bishop of Shrewsbury

For more infomation on this topic and to read the Diocese of Shrewsburys' Privacy notice go to:

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