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Synod 2023

Father Edmond

30 Jan 2022

You are invited to come to special Mass on Saturday 12 February at Our Lady Star of the Sea at 10.30am

This will be followed by some refreshments in the Parish Centre and a time of discussion and sharing on the points given to us by Rome and the diocese for our own parish discernment ahead of the Synod.

Please come if you are able. Should you not be able to attend, please do use the Suggestion Slips or contact the Parish Office directly with any views you would wish to be shared from the parish with the bishop and then through the bishop with the Holy Father in Rome.

Please keep the Synod in your prayers. Ahead of the Parish Meeting, you may wish to write to me as your parish priest or contact the diocese directly to share any views you may have on the ten points on the synod page. Meanwhile, let ask the guidence of the Holy Spirit.

Synodal Pathway:
Fr Edmund Montgomery:

For more information on this follow the Synod Page:

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