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Update: Closure of St Saviour Social Club

Father Edmund

12 Feb 2023

On 1 February, the diocese of Shrewsbury, through its business and trading branch, the Shrewsbury Diocesan Commercial Company, announced that St Saviour Social Club would cease operations on 28 February 2023. This business decision was reached on the basis of rising utility bills and after-shocks of the
pandemic and the impact on income and profits.

As parish priest, I was invited to be part of the discussions regarding the withdrawal of the diocese and was grateful to be consulted in this process. The buildings formerly occupied by the Social Club now revert to parish responsibility.

I have had on-going discussions with the diocese and this week will have a meeting with St Saviour and St Mary of the Angels Finance Committee to see how feasible it is for the parish to shoulder the doubling of costs for our responsibility for the whole site of St Saviour. Indicative assessments indicate that, in broad
terms, our liability will increase such that the entire annual offertory income from St Saviour will be required to sustain the site.

I have also instructed a whole site survey to record the state of the buildings at this time of transition and to note any major building works that are necessary. Any capital building costs will have massive cost implications for the parish. I will prepare a briefing for St Saviour and St Mary of the Angels once I have all the facts and figures to enable me to speak with clarity and in precise terms.

I am sure that the closure of the Social Club will be a sadness for some in our community, including those who have used it for socialising, special occasions, and anniversaries, and have fond memories associated with it. Please do not forget those who have been employed by the Social Club most recently and who may be needing to looking for other work, in difficult economic circumstances.

Please pray for wisdom as we begin to discern what is financially possible and prudent as we take full responsibility for the whole site. I will keep the parish updated and share with you such information for our next steps as and when it becomes available.

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