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Update: Hot Food and Foodbank Provision

Father Edmund

12 Feb 2023

This past week, thanks to the support and generosity of the Companions of the Order of Malta, I took delivery of: plates, bowls, jugs, teatowels, napkins, cutlery, two 20 litre boilers, a fridge, and a hot plate/warmer.

Thank you to the Order of Malta for this incredible investment in our parish. Only cups, aprons, and table cloths remain to be delivered, likely when two members of the Companions come to make a presentation to all of team of volunteers.

Meanwhile, we have been in discussion with the Council as to the essential health and safety responsibilities. I hope to share a date for another group meeting to brief all those interested, including the 50 or so volunteers from across the parish.

My sincere thanks to the whole parish for the way in which you have all responded so wholeheartedly to this initiative in service of our town and local community!

A reminder about this project: We will need to start modestly in terms of the food served, but I am suggesting we serve 12.30pm-2.30pm Saturdays and Sundays, and make sure that we can provide a weekend foodbank during those times also, given the lack of foodbank provision in our community over the weekend.

To know more about the Companions of the Order of Malta, under whose name and guidance we are launching this project, and through whom we have received all the necessary equipment, signage, advice, training, and support we need, you can visit the website:

The Order of Malta more generally is an incredible charity, with a history of over 900 years assisting the poor, the sick, and those most in need. I have been a chaplain of the Order for the past five years and have seen at first hand the phenomenal impact that the works of the Order have had, not just in the United Kingdom but around the world.

Read more about the excellent work the Order of Malta at:

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