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English Saints

Three English Martyrs this week, St Alban - the first English Martyr, and Ss John Fisher and Thomas More - executed by Henry VIII in 1535 


St Saviour and St Mary of the Angels schoolchildren receive their 1st Holy Communion on Saturday 

SVP Collection

Next Sunday, a retiring collection 

This Sunday is kept as Father’s Day, an opportunity to pray for all our fathers, living or departed, and to ask the prayers and intercession of St Joseph. St Joseph was a father to Jesus though not the father of Jesus, God the Father showing us that fatherhood is deeper than biology, but calls all men to model for others the authentic attributes of a father: loving, protecting, nurturing, providing, sheltering, leading, sacrificing, and teaching are all true aspects of genuine fatherhood. May God bless all fathers today, through St Joseph’s intercession. 

St Saviour 
The Bread and Butter Thing & Refuge Assist

Bread and Butter Thing

Bargain foods, pre-registering required - Every Monday, 2pm-3pm


Refuge Assist 

Assisting those seeking sanctuary, those in the process of claiming asylum, and displaced persons. 

Our Lady
Hot Meal Provision & Foodbank

Hot Meal Proivision

A free meal for anyone who wants one! - Every Saturday, 12.30pm-2.30pm


Foodbank for those issued vouchers - Every Sunday, 2pm-3pm

Baptisim Booking

Baptism Booking

Use the below link to book your childs Baptism in the Parish

Baptism Prep Metting

Once your booking is made you will be invited to prep meeting, which can also be booked online

Next Family Social Event

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The Forty Hours’ Devotion 2024 

Huge thanks to all those who were able to be present for the Forty Hours’ Devotion. It was very moving to see so many parishioners coming and going - even well into the early hours of the morning and late into the night. Thank you for your presence and your prayer. I remembered you all in my own prayers, especially the housebound and the sick. 

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