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Sign Language

The British Sign Language Classes restart Wednesday 5 March at 2pm in Our Lady Star of the Sea  

Lent Stations

The Stations of the Cross Devotion Fridays at 7pm at Our Lady Star of the Sea. All welcome 

An Invitation

Why not take the opportunity this Lent to go to Confession, especially if it has been some time since your last Confession? 

Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the Season of Lent: forty days of preparation for Holy Week and Easter. Traditionally, we are called to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving as the three main ways we can keep Lent well and really feel the spiritual benefit of a true period of ‘the wilderness’ or ‘the desert’ and so, by contrast, experience the joy of the Resurrection. What will you do this Lent? Some advice that might help you: start small, so you don’t feel discouraged and go from there. Moreover, the best way to keep Lent is fasting not just from food, but from sin, and asking God for the grace to love Him above things and our neighbour as we love ourselves. Let’s pray for a good and fruitful Lent for all of us. I will pray for all of you even more especially. And, please, pray for me, too. 

Father Edmund

The Bread and Butter Thing


Bargain foods, pre-registering required



St Saviour Church



Every Monday, 2pm-3pm

Hot Meal Provision


A free meal for anyone who wants one!


Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish Centre


Every Saturday, 12.30pm-2.30pm



Foodbank for those issued vouchers


Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish Centre


Every Sunday, 2pm-3pm

Learn how to get Involved

We currently have three major social projects. I am grateful to God for the opportunity he has given us to serve our town in these ways and am very proud that so many parishioners have come forward to volunteer to play their part in these new projects. 

Next Social Event

TV & Film Quiz.jpg
Paint Brushes

Restoration: Painting

Parishioners may recall that the copy of Guido Reni’s The Annunciation found badly damaged and in need of repair, cleaning, and conservation, was sent away to be restored. Here are some photos that show how the painting was found in St Mary of the Angels Presbytery, with particular details on a large tear - and (right) the contrast when cleaning began! 

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