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The Magalene 

Monday is the feast day of St Mary Magdalene, the faithful disciple of Jesus, the first to see Him alive again 

Lourdes 2024

Deacon Tony, ahead of the Lourdes Pilgrimage, invites petitions to be taken and placed before our Lady 


Friday is the feast of Ss Joachim and Ann, the parents of our Lady and the grandparents of the Lord 

This coming week, Bishop Mark will lead the Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Shrine of our Lady at Lourdes. Deacon Tony Nuttall, together with some parishioners, will join the Diocese on this annual Pilgrimage. They take with them our prayers and petitions, left in the baskets by the Sanctuary in each Church. Meanwhile, the five schools begin their long Summer break until early September. Let’s ask God to keep the children safe on their Summer Holiday. May God bless us in the week ahead. 

St Saviour 
The Bread and Butter Thing & Refuge Assist

Bread and Butter Thing

Bargain foods, pre-registering required - Every Monday, 2pm-3pm


Refuge Assist 

Assisting those seeking sanctuary, those in the process of claiming asylum, and displaced persons. 

Our Lady
Hot Meal Provision & Foodbank

Hot Meal Proivision

A free meal for anyone who wants one! - Every Saturday, 12.30pm-2.30pm


Foodbank for those issued vouchers - Every Sunday, 2pm-3pm

Baptisim Booking

Baptism Booking

Use the below link to book your childs Baptism in the Parish

Baptism Prep Meeting

Once your booking is made you will be invited to prep meeting, which can also be booked online

Next Family Social Event

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Deacon Tony: Two Years On

Ahead of Tuesday 16 July, Deacon Tony’s second anniversary of Ordination, I invited him to share with the parish his work over these first two years and the areas of ministry he is engaged in. 

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