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Marian Lamp: A New Opportunity for Prayer 

Father Edmund

03 March 2024

Seven days of Prayer for your Intentions
Following the celebration of the feast of Candlemas, also known as the Presentation of the Lord, when I spoke about the Sanctuary Lamp burning for us as the one candle in Church that always burns to assure us of God’s Presence with us, I thought it would be an opportunity to offer a new way of inviting prayers for your intentions. Already so many of you request Masses to be offered, and now, in addition to a Mass, you may wish to have the Marian Lamp lit for an intention. It will be named in the Parish Newsletter each week, This week, the Marian Lamp is lit for _________. If you would like to dedicate a candle for a week, to burn in honour of our Lady, and asking her prayers, please write the intention and drop it into the Parish Office in an envelope marked ‘Marian Lamp’. You are welcome to include a donation, too towards the cost of the seven-daycandles we will use and place for your intentions next to our Lady, beginning post-Easter.

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